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Design Designers tackled some of the most pressing issues of our time in 2016. From equality to climate change, here are WIRED's most inspirational design stories of the year.
Gadgets Drones, throwback gadgets and the ever growing world of connected Internet of Things gear topped WIRED's CES 2016 trends.
Auto Tesla's long awaited Model X SUV is finally here. The falcon-doored electric vehicle can carry seven passengers and is capable of rocketing to 60 miles per hour in as little as 3.2 seconds.
Technology Getting from A to B has never been more exciting than it was in 2015. We've got the best transportation stories of the year for you.
Auto Two hackers have developed a tool that can hijack a Jeep over the internet. WIRED senior writer Andy Greenberg takes the SUV for a spin on the highway while the hackers attack it from miles away.
Gadgets Perhaps the most audacious product on display at CES 2016 is Ehang's concept autonomous single-occupancy drone, the 184. The $200,000 to $300,000 helicopter will offer rides up to 23 minutes at the push of a smartphone app button.
Auto Car-free urban areas are all the rage. Now San Francisco has one, at least temporarily, thanks to the Super Bowl. WIRED transportation editor Alex Davies looks at the best way to move in a city already snarled with traffic.
Auto The i-Road's a new kind of three-wheeled concept that Toyota thinks we'll one day use to zip around city centers burning nothing but rubber.
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